Purple Yam Cream

Purple Yam Cream

This cream has an amazing vivid color! Even grapes don't have this color.


Purple yams
300 g
Heavy cream
30 ml
60 g


1. Thoroughly wash the yams and steam for about 20 minutes in a steamer. Of course, boiling or microwaving is also fine, but it will change the moisture content. The skins should peel right off.
2. The purple color is very strong and will stain clothing, so be careful when handling!
3. When I measured the amount to cream, it came to 300 g, so 20% the amount of sugar came to 60 g. Purple yams are not as sweet as Japanese sweet potatoes, so a bit more sugar is needed.
4. Lightly mash the yam with sugar, add heavy cream, and whip everything together. A food processor will make it even smoother. Or, you can pass it through a strainer before adding the heavy cream.
5. When it's done, use it in tarts. Or you can use it for showy pastries or cake decoration.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made this for my eldest daughter who was born in October.