Easy Food Processor Kabocha Tart for Halloween

Easy Food Processor Kabocha Tart for Halloween

Even my child who doesn't like kabocha squash enjoyed this. Just mix the ingredients in a food processor!

Ingredients: 22 cm tart mould

Kabocha squash
100 g
40 g
Heavy cream
200 ml
White flour
2 tablespoons
Rum (as desired for the kabocha filling)
1 tablespoon
Butter (crust)
60 g
Flour (crust)
120 g
Egg yolk (crust)
Sugar (crust)
40 g
Cocoa (crust)
20 g


1. Put the "crust" ingredients in your food processor and blend until it forms a dough.
2. Roll out the dough into a circle and place in the butter-greased mould. Pierce holes into the dough with a fork to dock.
3. Cut the kabocha squash into suitable sizes, remove their skin, and boil. Blend in the food processor along with the other ingredients until smooth.
4. Pour the mixture onto the tart base. Bake in an oven set to 360F/180C for 40 minutes.

Story Behind this Recipe

My child never eats veggie desserts, so I tried making this tart. It was gone before I knew it! Give it a try!