Try This! Ruby Red Prune Jam

Try This! Ruby Red Prune Jam

I made a beautiful jam from fresh prunes. You will feel the freshness of the fruits. This is a nice combination of sour and sweet and good for autumn. Serve this as a sauce for yogurt or ice-cream, or spread a generous amount on bread. It's very delicious.


750 g
Granulated sugar
300 g


1. I received prunes from an orchard. There are three kinds from an orchard which I put in glass bowls. The prunes in the plastic pack are from a supermarket. In al I had 4 kinds of prunes, so I made prune jam Sterilize the jars by boiling so the jam keeps.
2. Rinse the prunes and drain. Cut them in half and remove seeds. Cut the halves into quarters. (One prune should equal 8 pieces.)
3. Put the prunes in an enamelled pot and add the granulated sugar on top. Shake the pot to coat them with sugar evenly. Rest until moisture comes out from the prunes.
4. Lots of moisture came out after resting for a few hours.
5. Heat over medium heat. Scum (or bubbles) will keep coming out, so skim off the scum carefully.
6. Simmer for about 10 minutes while squashing the prunes.
7. Squeeze a lemon and add some juice after the syrup colour changes to ruby red and the prunes have softened. Stir and turn off the heat. Pour the jam in the jar while it's still hot.
8. Your ruby red prune jam is complete!

Story Behind this Recipe

I received a lot of prunes, so I made the jam. You can enjoy a colour and flavour that's different from having them fresh When you add granulated sugar in the pot at the early stage, let it rest for a while before you simmer. Wait until enough moisture comes out from the prunes. This shortens the cooking time. I made a big amount for this recipe, so half the amount of this might be good when you make it.