Surprisingly Easy Raisin Yeast

Surprisingly Easy Raisin Yeast

All it takes is raisins and water?! You'll be surprised how easy this is. You can make 6 bagels with this amount of yeast.

Ingredients: Enough for 6 bagels

Raisins (non-oil coated)
50 g
150 ml


1. Combine the water and raisins in a jar with a tight lid. Be sure to use non-oil coated raisins. Sterilize the jar. If it's too much trouble to boil it, rinsing it out with boiling water should do the trick.
2. The next step is to wait. The fermentation period varies depending on the temperature. It should take anywhere from 2 to 4 days. Gently shake the jar and open the lid once a day.
3. The raisins should become plump from absorbing the water, and they will fizz as they ferment. If they fizz loudly when the jar is opened, it's ready!

Story Behind this Recipe

I simplified a recipe for homemade yeast for beginners.