Fried Hanpen Sandwiches with Krazy Salt

Fried Hanpen Sandwiches with Krazy Salt

Try some ham and cheese sandwiched in hanpen. Hanpen and Krazy Salt are a great combination. Try them in your bento or as a beer snack!

Ingredients: 1 hanpen's worth

2 slices
Sliced cheese
1 slice
Krazy Salt
to taste
Vegetable oil
a little


1. Cut the hanpen in half.
2. Slit open the hanpen, leaving 1 cm at the edge.
3. Sandwich the cheese between two layers of ham, then cut in half.
4. Tuck the ham-sandwiched cheese into the hanpen, round edge first.
5. Season the hanpen with Krazy Salt, and fry in a little oil.
6. It's done when both sides are golden brown.
7. Cut into bite-sized pieces and serve immediately.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to season the hanpen with curry powder, but I was out of curry powder. While looking for a substitute, I found the Krazy Salt to create this tasty snack.