Grape Jam in a Pressure Cooker

Grape Jam in a Pressure Cooker

Make jam in no time using a pressure cooker.

Ingredients: Enough to fill 1 jar

300 g
240 g (80% of the weight of the grapes)


1. Rinse the grapes, cut in halves, remove the seeds, and weigh (to calculate how much sugar you need).
2. Put the grapes and sugar into a pressure cooker and let it sit until the sugar dissolves. Once the sugar dissolves, cover with a lid, and cook on high heat. Cook for 5 minutes after the pressure gauge rises, then remove from heat and steam for 5 more minutes.
3. Let the pressure out, open the lid, then simmer for a while. Pour it into a jar while still hot.

Story Behind this Recipe

I used tart and unripened grapes...(although they aren't purple in the photo shown in Step 1, they are actually grapes). A pressure cooker allows you to eat the skins, even if you're only cooking for a short amount of time.