Starbucks-style White Chocolate Scones

Starbucks-style White Chocolate Scones

I love Starbucks scones and I experimented a lot to get close to theirs. These scones are still delicious the next day.

Ingredients: 6 pieces (a little bit smaller than Starbucks')

Bread flour
100 g
Cake flour
50 g
25 ~ 30 g
Baking powder
5 g
2 tablespoons
100 ml (mixture with the egg)
Chocolate bar
1 bar


1. Combine bread flour, cake flour, baking powder, and butter in a bowl, and mix while mashing the batter with your hands. When then mixture becomes crumbly, it's good.
2. Add sugar, and chocolate cubes crushed into 1 cm squares, then lightly mix. Add the milk and egg mixture little by little, and mix quickly (As long as the dough comes together, even if it's floury, it's ok.)
3. Place the dough on a board dusted with flour. Knead 2-3 times, flatten into 1.5 cm thick, then cut into 6 even pieces.
4. Bake in a oven for about 20 minutes at 200℃ (400℉) to 210℃ (410℉), then you're done. Check the color and turn them accordingly.
5. I made these with black chocolate.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love Starbucks chocolate scones, and I wanted to make them. I made this recipe by taking tips from various recipes.