Black Cat Hello Kitty Halloween Bento

Black Cat Hello Kitty Halloween Bento

I recreated the Halloween version of Hello Kitty that's sold at Sanrio shops as an onigiri rice ball. It may seem as if there are many steps, but I use a lot of cookie cutters so it's not that difficult, I think.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Plain hot cooked white rice
1 small (kid's-size) rice bowl
as needed
Nori seaweed
as needed
Cheddar cheese
a small amount
Filling of your choice
as needed
1 kernel


1. Sprinkle the rice with salt, fill with the filling of your choice, and form into a slightly oval shaped onigiri rice ball.
2. Make the paper pattern. Place a piece of kitchen parchment paper on the formed onigiri from Step 1, and draw the outline of Hello Kitty's face (a loose oval). It's an extra step, but if you do this the onigiri and the nori seaweed will match nicely.
3. Place the paper pattern on top of a 1/4 sheet of nori seaweed, and cut out the round part only.
4. When the rice has cooled down a bit, wrap the cut nori seaweed from Step 3 around it and re-wrap with the plastic. Leave until it has completely cooled down.
5. Make a paper pattern for the years. Use a heart shaped cookie cutter, and draw a line following its shape.
6. Cut out the nori following the pattern. Cut around the outside line carefully to make a thin outline for the ears.
7. Make the other nori parts. Cut out 2 eyes and 6 whiskers with scissors.
8. Cut out the kitty ears from boiled carrot slices. Use the same heart shaped cookie cutter used to make the pattern for the nori ears in Step 4 to make 2 carrot ears.
9. When the onigiri has cooled down, make cuts in the top to insert the ears.
10. Insert the carrot ears from Step 8 into the cut, and stick the nori ear outlines from Step 6 on them using mayonnaise as glue.
11. Stick the eyes on. (In Step 10 I just showed the onigiri by itself in the bento box for clarity, but it's better to pack the rest of the foot into the bento box and then to pack the onigiri.)
12. Stick on the whiskers in a well balanced way.
13. Stick in a corn kernel for the nose.
14. make the black cat face parts. Make 3 cutouts from the cheddar cheese using a straw that has been smushed into an oven shape. Cut out a clover shape using a cookie cutter.
15. The clover shape will be the mouth of the black cat face. Shift it a little to cut off the excess.
16. This is how the cut shape looks.
17. Put the cheese cutouts on the black cat hat part. (The whiskers are made out of thin strips of cheese cut with a knife.)
18. Make the ribbon. Use 2 different sized icing bag nozzles or two straws, to cut out 2 large and 1 small circles out of the boiled carrot.
19. Cut the larger circles with the smaller nozzle to make into crescents.
20. Stick the carrot ribbon on Kitty's face to finish.
21. If you coordinate the whole bento with orange ingredients, it will look even more Halloween-like.

Story Behind this Recipe

It's nearly Hallloween, so I wanted to make something special for the occasion.