Homemade Black Tea Liqueur

Homemade Black Tea Liqueur

Steep your favorite black tea leaves in liquor.

Ingredients: about 200 ml

Loose leave black tea
15 g
White liquor (vodka or other clear high alcoholic liquor)
200 ml
Granulated sugar
30 to 50 g


1. Sterilize a jar with a lid in boiling water. Wipe the inside of the lid with the white liquor (not listed). Put the loose tea leaves in a tea bag.
2. Put the granulated sugar, tea pack and white liquor into the jar in that order. Store in the refrigerator.
3. It will turn tea-colored in about half a day. Shake the jar once a day to dissolve the sugar. Take the tea pack out after about a week. Squeeze out the tea bag at that time to get all the tea essence out.
4. The granulated sugar will dissolve in about 10 days. The liqueur should be ready to consume in about 2 weeks.
5. I recommend enjoying this as a cocktail similar to Kahlua Milk. Try it in hot tea, in hot milk, in baked goods, or in any way you like.

Story Behind this Recipe

Since Kahlua Milk exists, I thought that a tea version should work too! I wanted to try it, but around these parts they only sell tea liqueur in big bottles and it's expensive. I had some white liquor left over from making fruit liqueurs, so I sort of winged it to use up leftovers, but the results were pretty tasty.