Instantly Tasty Dried Horse Mackerel

Instantly Tasty Dried Horse Mackerel

While this may not be considered a recipe, this is a great way to make dried horse mackerel tastier without much effort. Recommended for dried fish that's dried up from freezing. Give it a try. People who have tried it back saying how the fish turns out shiny, fluffy, and tender.


Dried horse mackerel
As needed
As needed


1. Brush mirin onto the flesh of the dried mackerel. Or pour the mirin into a dish and briefly dip the fish into the mirin.
2. Grill the fish as usual.

Story Behind this Recipe

I learned this trick from my sister. She learned it from an employee who worked at a certain famous well-established Japanese inn. Apparently, this is how they serve dried mackerel for breakfast at the inn.