Remake Pizza-style Chikuwa and Potato Salad

Remake Pizza-style Chikuwa and Potato Salad

A dish that's recycled into a new dish. Have leftover potato salad? Pack them into chikuwa sticks and bake in a oven.

Ingredients: 1 bag worth of chikuwa sticks

1 bag
Potato salad
Whatever that's left
Easy melting cheese
As needed


1. Open up the chikuwa sticks with scissors.
2. Pack the chikuwa with potato salad. Make sure to season the potato salad well with mayonnaise.
3. Top with melting cheese and cook in a oven for 4-5 minutes.

Story Behind this Recipe

I've made way too much potato salad... I was wondering about ways to use them up. That's when I saw the bag of chikuwa and came up with this recipe. I served this with ketchup. So good!