Quail Egg Ghost (For character bentos)

Quail Egg Ghost (For character bentos)

A ghost made with a boiled quail egg. It looks great in a Halloween themed bento. ♪

Ingredients: 1

Boiled quail egg
Nori seaweed
A little
A little


1. Cut the boiled quail egg along the line shown.
2. Slice the cut off section in half.
3. Make a deep slit in the main part of the egg and insert the cut off bits as shown.
4. Cut the eyes and mouth out of the nori sheet using a craft punch.
5. Stick them on the egg to make the face.
6. Add a bit of colour to the cheeks with ketchup and you have a ghost! ♪

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to add a touch of Halloween to my bento and came up with this simple recipe.