Red Grouper Sashimi

Red Grouper Sashimi

White fish are also delicious when thinly sliced!
This time, we'll be making red grouper sashimi.


Red grouper
as needed
Shiso leaves
as needed
Green onion
2-3 stalks


2. Let's begin preparing the red grouper. Remove the guts, gills, and scales. Rinse with water until clean.
3. Remove the head.
4. Slice into three pieces.
5. Remove the bones.
6. Remove the skin and fatty area.
7. Thinly slice. Chop the green onion into 3-4 cm lengths. Serve with a dab of momiji oroshi (grated daikon radish with red pepper).
8. Or, slice into thicker pieces and garnish with shiso and wasabi.

Story Behind this Recipe

I caught some red grouper!