Easy 'Tenshin-don' Egg Foo Young Rice Bowl

Easy 'Tenshin-don' Egg Foo Young Rice Bowl

You can make this with leftovers in your fridge and served with a hot and thick sauce.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Hot cooked rice
1 small rice bowl
●Imitation crab sticks (shredded)
●Scallions (sliced)
As needed
1 tablespoon
●Oyster sauce
1 tablespoon
● Sugar
1/2~1 tablespoon
●Weipa (or Chinese chicken stock powder)
1 teaspoon
1 tablespoon
● Water
150 ml


1. Combine the ● ingredients. Whisk the eggs.
2. Put the rice in a small rice bowl and transfer upside down onto a serving dish into a mound. (I seasoned plain rice with 10 shapes of garlic powder).
3. Heat oil (a little more than usual) in a frying pan and fry the eggs until half-done (check that the egg easily moves in the pan). Transfer the egg onto the rice.
4. Put the ● ingredients in the same frying pan and cook until thickened. Pour over the cooked egg.

Story Behind this Recipe

My family's version of this classic dish.