A Quintessential Autumn Dish! ! Imoni (Simmered Potatoes), a Regional Speciality from Yamagata

A Quintessential Autumn Dish! ! Imoni (Simmered Potatoes), a Regional Speciality from Yamagata

This is a popular autumn dish in Yamagata prefecture! Try getting together with your friends and family for an "imoni meetup". This is inland Yamagata-style imoni using beef and soy sauce. It's hard to tell from the photo, but this is basically a soup, so drink plenty of the broth when eating this!

Ingredients: Serves 4 to 5

Washed Satoimo (taro)
White Konnyaku
1 pack (400g)
Beef (sliced)
Burdock root
Shimeji mushrooms (also tasty with Maitake)
1 pack
Japanese Leek
1 Litre
◎ Soy sauce
about 100ml
◎ Sake
about 80ml
◎ Sugar
about 3 Tablespoons
Tips: For when you have leftover Imoni
- Try adding udon noodles to the broth
- Add curry roux and turn it into curry udon noodles!
- Add rice to turn it into a porridge


1. Preperation: Wash the satoimo quickly, cut large ones in half. Cut the burdock into thin shavings. Cut the root ends off of the Shimeji mushrooms and pull the mushrooms apart into small clumps. Cut the Japanese leek. diagonally.
2. Notes: They sell satoimo pre-peeled and washed like this in Yamagata, but if you can't get this, frozen satoimo is delicious too. I also used pre-shredded burdock root.
3. Cover the satoimo with water in a large pan and bring to q boil. If a bubbly scum arises, scoop it off. Tip: If it really bugs you, change the water once it's come to the boil! Insert the burdock part-way.
4. Once boiling, add the konnyaku, tearing it as you add it. Tip: If the smell of konnyaku bothers you, parboil it first! Apparently the konnyaku helps to prevent bubbles from forming.
5. Add the shimeji and beef, remove any scum which arises. Flavor with the ◎ ingredients, but feel free to adjust the amounts to taste!
6. Once the satoimo are really soft, add the Japanese leek. It's finished once the leek is cooked. Sprinkle with some ichimi ground red chili pepper to taste!

Story Behind this Recipe

I loved having imoni meetups by the river when I was a child.
Even now, I feel that autumn has arrived when this potato dish appears on the dinner table.I think we had this meal a lot when my mother and grandmother didn't know what to make for dinner. This is a staple in Yamagata, but I hope it can become a family favorite for you too!