Easy Peeled Chestnuts

Easy Peeled Chestnuts

If you buy a 1 kilo bag of chestnuts, boil and freeze them.


Fresh chestnuts
As many as you like


1. Cook the chestnuts in boiling water for 2-3 minutes.
2. Drain the chestnuts, cool in cold water, then freeze them. If you only have a small amount, skip the freezing and go to Step 4.
3. Defrost the frozen chestnuts for about 30 minutes, then start peeling.
4. Put a chestnut on a cutting board and slice off the bottom.
5. Stand the chestnut up on the cutting board, and cut off the flat side. If you cut with your wrist on the cutting board, it will be easy to remove the bottom.
6. The opposite side should come off easily if you tug with your fingers.
7. The inner skin is softened, so you can peel it in the way you'd peel a vegetable.
8. With this method, I can peel chestnuts easily without my fingers getting sore. Use the peeled chestnuts for chestnut rice, or in sweets.
9. I used them right away to make adzuki beans and chestnuts with sticky rice (okowa). It's so good. I referred to "Osekihan (red bean rice) at home" Recipe ID: 288268, so it was easy.

Story Behind this Recipe

I always struggled with peeling fresh chestnuts. I was looking for a way to peel them easily without using special gadgets, but I couldn't find them on this site. I saw on another site that "if you boil and defrost them they are easy to peel" so I uploaded the method to COOKPAD.