Waffle House! Happy Breakfast!

Waffle House! Happy Breakfast!

This is a miniature house made of sweets. Everyone dreams of this at least once
In the movie "50 First Dates," Lucy (portrayed by Drew Barrymore) made waffle houses in the cafe.
I imagined that house for this recipe!

Ingredients: 20-30 waffles

Cake flour
400 g
Baking powder
20 g
90 g
3 large
Vegetable oil (or butter)
80 ml
20 g
340 ml
a pinch
Chocolate for decoration
as needed


1. Sift the cake flour and baking powder together into bowl.
2. Then, add the sugar, salt, eggs, honey, milk, and vegetable oil.
3. Mix very well with a whisk. A thick mixture makes nicer waffles.
4. I always make this mixture the day before and refrigerate overnight. Then, it cooks easily in the morning. I think it makes for a thicker consistency, too.
5. Heat a waffle maker and scoop some batter onto it with a large spoon.
6. Once you start cooking, you can cook it quickly piece by piece. If you add waffle sugar, the surface will be crisp (it's expensive, though).
7. This is the picture when you slice the waffle. A crispy outside and fluffy inside is ideal. The sturdy surface supports heavy cream, so it's great for waffle sandwiches.
8. I dreamed of a bagle tower, too, so I made a tower with waffles. Ahem!!
9. This is my waffle maker. It was around 2,300 yen. I can use it for hot sandwiches, but I use it for waffles more often.

Story Behind this Recipe

I tried the recipe from the waffle maker book, but it wasn't that great. So, I re-arranged it. I like American-style soft waffles more than hard waffles (like bread?).
But I wasn't satisfied with the lighter texture. This recipe makes a slightly heavier waffle.
I drizzled chocolate sauce this time, but usually I serve it with plenty of whipped cream, jam, and fruit.