Surprisingly Simple Delicious Chunky Anko

Surprisingly Simple Delicious Chunky Anko

This is surprisingly convenient to make! You can use it for ice cream, or as a useful ingredient for a homemade snack bread. It does take time, but it is worth the effort. Homemade anko is delicious.


Azuki beans
200 g
Caster sugar
160 g
a small amount


1. Wash the adzuki beans in water. And soak in water that is an amount about three times as much as the beans, for more than three hours.
2. Place into a pot and bring to a boil, and drain once. Place the beans into water about 4~5 times as much as the beans, and bring to a boil once more. Drain it. Place the beans into a sieve, and throw out the boiled water.
3. Boil over a low heat for 1~2 hours, boiling until the beans lose their shells. Please add more water if the amount decreases while boiling. Add the sugar (over several turns) and salt to season.
4. While continuing to stir from the bottom of the pot, boil it down to your desired firmness and then turn off the heat. The ones in the photo are on the soft side.

Story Behind this Recipe

There are several times a year that I just really want to eat anko! It's usually when I am really tired. It makes me happy at times such as those when I have it waiting for me in the fridge. I top toast or pancakes with this and gobble it up first thing in the morning.
Feel free to use this an paste with rice dumplings Recipe ID: 430812.