Steamed Okara Powder Bread with Microwave

Steamed Okara Powder Bread with Microwave

This is my recipe posted for my own reference. One bowl + microwave cooking so it is easily made on a busy morning. The only dry ingredient is okara powder.

Ingredients: Using one tupperware

Okara powder (refer to Step 8)
50 g
170 g
Sweetener (your choice: sugar, syrup, etc)
20 g
Baking soda
3 to 4 g
Vanilla extract
as needed


1. These are the ingredients. I use a 5000 g tub of yogurt and divide it into 3 potions. The baking soda amount is not that exact.
2. Line the base of a microwave-proof tupperware with baking parchment. This helps in removing the bread from the container easily later. You can use any bit of parchment.
3. Place a bowl on a scale and measure each ingredient. Mix well with a whisk.
4. Pour the batter into the tupperware and give several taps to the bottom of the tupperware to even the surface. Microwave uncovered for 5 minutes (500W).
5. I normally finish washing up while it's microwaving. Pour water into the used bowl and mix the water with a whisk. The leftover mixture will rinse off quickly. It is easy to finish cleaning up.
6. It is done in 5 minutes. The bread will puff up well. Is this because the baking soda and yogurt react to each other??
7. Tip the bread out onto a lid and leave to cool. I divide the bread into 6 portions. I eat 2 portions at each meal.
8. I bought this okara powder packet from a shopping site. It is different from the normal okara sold in the supermarket because this is actually very powdery. According to the instructions, this powder as fine as kinako powder.

Story Behind this Recipe

I was looking for cheap okara powder because bags of fresh okara powder quite voluminous and don't keep long. I wanted to use it up before the best before date, so I looked for recipes for it. It was difficult to find a recipe using just okara powder as a dry ingredient, so I made up something for myself. First, I steamed the batter, but it resulted in soggy bread and took a long time. Using the microwave is the best for this and it's very easy.