Basil Chicken

Basil Chicken

A crowd-pleasing main dish.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Chicken breast or thigh meat
about 300 g
Fresh basil
about 20 leaves
* Salt
To taste
* Black pepper
To taste
* Grated garlic
1/2 clove
* Olive oil
1 tablespoon
Cherry tomatoes
1 pack


1. The chicken in the photo is breast from a young bird. When I weighed it it was a bit more than 360 g. I used 2 breasts - 1 breast per serving.
2. Make the basil, cherry tomatoes and black pepper ready.
3. Cut the chicken breasts or thighs into 2 pieces. Pound them out so that they are about the same thickness and cut a pocket in the middle of each piece. Rub in the ingredients marked ☆ - salt, pepper, garlic and olive oil. Leave to rest and marinate a bit.
4. While the meat is marinating, cut the cherry tomatoes.
5. Insert the basil leaves inside the pockets you made in the chicken pieces.
6. Fry the chicken pieces in a frying pan until one side is browned, then flip over and cook the pieces through.
7. When the chicken is cooked add the tomatoes, and coat the chicken pieces with the juice that comes out of them. Transfer the chicken and tomatoes to serving plates.
8. Reduce the remaining tomato and chicken juice in the pan and pour over the dish to finish.

Story Behind this Recipe

The basil growing on my balcony was getting weaker so I wanted to use it up.