Perfect Fermentation - Homemade Tea Yeast

Perfect Fermentation - Homemade Tea Yeast

Every household has tea. You can use it to make yeast without spending money. This time I used tea that was grown near my home in Saruyama. Japanese-produced teas are rare. I received a lot from my mother several years ago and froze it, but it still fermented properly even though it expired two years ago.


Tea (or flavored tea)
20 g
Water (tap or filtered
400-500 ml
Whole wheat flour (or bread flour)
200 g
1 tablespoon


1. Boil the bottle or place into hot water to sterilize it.
2. Add the tea, water, and honey. Tea doesn't have much sugar, so we are adding honey to feed the yeast.
3. Shake the bottle several times a day, and open it once a day to refresh the air.
4. Once it starts to fizz it's done. It usually takes 2~3 days, but If you drop in a bit of raisin yeast, then it will be done in 24 hours in the summer.
5. Strain the liquid, and make the sponge. Mix together 100 ml of the yeast liquid and 100 g of whole wheat flour. Mix it up with chopsticks.
6. After step 5 has doubled in size, add in another 100ml of the yeast liquid and 100 g of whole wheat flour.
7. This time it's tripled in size. Store the remaining liquid yeast in the vegetable compartment in the fridge. Place the sponge into the fridge as well. It overflowed the next day when I removed the lid. It is an extremely strong yeast.
8. The tea yeast has risen the bread up nicely. This is gouda cheese bread! Its springy texture and crispy outside is addicting ♪♪.
9. This is raisin and walnut bread.
10. This is a grilled zucchini, ham and egg sandwich.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to use natural yeast in sweet snacks and not just bread, so I figured tea would be nice.