Grilled Cauliflower with Herbs & Cheese

Grilled Cauliflower with Herbs & Cheese

Cauliflower is really tasty!

Ingredients: About 3 servings

1/2 head, broken into florets
Basil, oregano, cayenne pepper
As needed
Parmesan cheese
To taste
Panko (optional)
As needed


1. Boil the cauliflower briefly in salted hot water (I actually recommend microwaving it for a short time, to prevent it from getting watery). Drain well in a colander.
2. Arrange the cauliflower florets in an oven-safe dish. Sprinkle evenly with lots of basil and oregano, a modest amount of cayenne pepper, and 2 pinches of salt. Coat evenly with panko. With mayonnaise, draw a zig-zag on top. Sprinkle with tons of parmesan cheese.
3. Bake in a toaster oven until the cheese is golden brown and fragrant. Grind black pepper on top and serve.

Story Behind this Recipe

I bought cauliflower, realizing I hadn't eaten it for a while. I wanted to come up with quick ways to enjoy it. This one was so delicious, my husband was almost speechless while he was eating it. When I got him seconds, it made him so happy, and he said: "There's more? That's great!" And he ate some more. I think he liked it a little crispy.