Old-Fashioned Donuts Made With Pancake Mix

Old-Fashioned Donuts Made With Pancake Mix

Since pancake mix is used to make these donuts, they're easy to prepare and measure out. You can make these in less than 15 minutes. Their crispy and crumbly texture is delicious!

Ingredients: 5 ring donuts + 10 mini-ball donuts

Pancake mix
200 g (1 bag)
32 g (8 g x 4 pieces)
1 medium
3 tablespoons
Flour for dusting
a small amount


1. Put the butter in a heatproof container, and microwave for 20 minutes (I have a 500 W microwave). Take it out and mix well with a whisk until the butter is smooth.
2. Add the sugar to the butter, and mix well until it's no longer gritty and turns smooth and creamy. Break in the egg and mix well again. Use a whisk to do everything up to this point.
3. Add the pancake mix. From this point on use a rice paddle or a wooden spatula to mix. Don't try to knead the dough with your spatula, but try to fold the flour into the liquid so that the flour absorbs the liquid, until the dough comes together. It's fine if it's still a bit floury here and there, so don't over-mix the dough.
4. Put all the dough on your hand and press it hard 2 to 3 times to form a ball. Dust a cutting board, place the dough ball on it, and press it out with your hands to about a 1 cm thickness.
5. Cut 3 donut shapes out of the dough to start with. Roll up the remaining dough, spread it out again and cut 2 more donuts out of it. Rip the remaining dough into 10 pieces and roll them into small balls (It's like playing with clay).
6. Put some frying oil in a wok, and fry the donuts in low-medium hot oil in 2 batches. Use a frying net to turn the donuts over and you can avoid damaging the surface. Drain off the oil well and they're ready.

Story Behind this Recipe

If I made donuts following the instructions on a box of pancake mix, they turn into puffy donuts like Mister Donut's "home cut" ones, maybe because they contain milk. (Mister Donut is a donut franchise in Japan.) I prefer crispy and crumbly old-fashioned type donuts, so I wondered "What if I left out the milk, as if I were making cookies?" So I tried it out, plus I made sure not to over-mix the batter to achieve that crumbly-crispy texture. I was able to make the kind of donuts I wanted to. Try using brown sugar instead of the white sugar.