Shijimi Clam Miso Soup

Shijimi Clam Miso Soup

Make this exquisite shijimi soup with a little preparation and a few extra ingredients.
How about some shellfish soup that's great for your beauty and health?


Shijimi clams (basket or freshwater clams)
1 pack
3 tablespoons
Kombu for dashi stock
About 5 cm
600 ml


1. Even if the package says, "no need to de-sand the clams," they are still alive and there are toxins inside so let's get them out.
2. I used a shallow draining board. This way, when you clean them, any toxins and sand will sink to the bottom and it's easy to clean up afterwards. I used 1% salt water. (Not listed in ingredients)
3. Put the shijimi clams it. Cover with newspaper and let the shijimi rest for about 2 hours. If it's a warm day, it's better to put them in the fridge for this step.
4. In the meantime make the kombu dashi stock. Gently wipe the kombu with a tightly wrung out cloth and then put it in some water to soak.
5. After two hours... Look what came out! I'm glad I didn't eat all this...
6. Take out the piece of kombu and then add the shijimi clams into the water!
7. When you boil it, scum will rise, so skim it off.
8. Once you think the shijimi clams are starting to open, lower the heat to low and dissolve the miso. It's done!
9. Don't let it boil after adding the miso.

Story Behind this Recipe

I saw directions for preparing the clams on a television program.

I always forget whether its shijimi clams or asari clams that have to be cooked from cold water so I uploaded this for my own reference.