Easy-to-Peel Boiled Eggs

Easy-to-Peel Boiled Eggs

I seasoned eggs just like the eggs sold at convenience stores from my recipe, boiled eggs (Recipe ID: 401044). The photo shows my attempt to convey the fact that the eggs are salted in this picture; if you have a better idea, let me know!)

Ingredients: a standard amount

Easy to peel boiled eggs
(Recipe ID: 401044)
80 g
500 ml
(You should have some crystalized salt left over in the bowl when you mix it with water)


1. Dissolve the salt in water and chill in the refrigerator until ice cold.
2. Take the hot boiled eggs from Easy to peel boiled eggs (Recipe ID: 401044) and immerse them in the salt water from Step 1.
3. Let them sit in the refrigerator overnight.
4. They'll be easy to peel and seasoned by morning!!

Story Behind this Recipe

The boiled eggs sold at convenience stores are really tasty...but I think they're over-priced. You can enjoy them for way less if you just know the trick.