A Kaiseki Secret! Miso Balls

A Kaiseki Secret! Miso Balls

A master Kaiseki (multi-course Japanese dinner) chef taught me this tip, boasting that his miso soup is incomparable.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Miso of your choice
as needed


1. The tip was to sun-dry the miso. I thought he was joking, but actually, it turned out delicious.
2. So, use whatever miso you prefer. Just roll the miso into ping pong sized balls, line them up on a tray, and set them out to dry on a sunny day (If you can, flip the balls over while drying). I used Awase miso this time. Next time, I plan to make with red miso.
3. This is what they dried miso balls look like after drying. Store in a resealable container for later use.
4. I used the miso balls to make a hearty miso soup. The miso adds a rich and mellow flavour. I am so glad that I took the master's tip. He boasted that many customers visit his restaurant for his miso soup.

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