Decorative Chocolate Butterflies

Decorative Chocolate Butterflies

These are chocolate butterflies. You don't need any special techniques or tools!! Girls really love these. They are really pretty! Please give them a try at least once!


as needed


1. Prepare some kitchen parchment paper or similar - something that you can peel the chocolate off of.
2. Temper the chocolate.
3. Until you become experienced doing this, place a sheet of paper with the pattern drawn on it under the kitchen parchment paper, and trace the pattern as you pipe out the chocolate through the parchment paper.
4. By the way, the pattern should look like this. Trace out the pattern as if you were doing calligraphy with a brush without stopping or hesitating!
5. Tip: If you make the angles of the wings nice and sharp, they'll look like proper wings! Don't give up! You can do it!
6. This is what one looks like made with white chocolate.
7. You can also make a pink one with strawberry chocolate!
8. Another photo.
9. You can use the butterflies for things besides cakes...but they don't stand up to heat so I can't really recommend it. See..the wings are bending! (They fell off soon afterwards...)
10. Draw both wings connected in the center...
11. After the chocolate has hardened enough not to drip, fold the wings to your desired angle (by the way I am using an ice tray and foil-lined glassine paper here...)
12. You can just gently set it on your cake without pushing it in. I didn't realize this for a while! Maybe it's just me?
13. I finally realized it, and took a close-up photo. For those of you unconcerned about the angle of the wings or how they fold (Because the center will always somehow become rounded), I recommend this method!
14. This is a non-chocolate butterfly. I tried to place it on frosting and it softened up because of the moisture!
15. This is a non-chocolate butterfly made with choux pastry. Chocolate butterflies are susceptible to humidity...and you can only make them in white or brown basically.
16. I tried making them again with icing. I made butterflies and snowflakes, petals, and a tiara. Yes. This is my hobby.
17. This is another strawberry chocolate one. Pink rules!

Story Behind this Recipe

In a book I took a sneak peek it at some bookstore (I've forgotten which book...) there were flowers made out of chocolate and stuck onto a chiffon cake, so I used that as my inspiration. I figured if you could make flowers then you could make butterflies.