Panna Cotta in 5 minutes

Panna Cotta in 5 minutes

This is a quick and simple recipe. You can make this panna cotta-style dessert in 5 minutes. This recipe doesn't call for heavy cream, so it's low in calories. Top it with your favorite sauce.

Ingredients: 4 servings

400 ml
Corn starch
4 tablespoons
4 tablespoons
Vanilla extract
a small amount
Espresso sauce
Heat 1 tablespoon of instant coffee, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 3 tablespoons of hot water, and a small amount of Rum (optional) in a pan.
Fruit sauce
Heat 1 tablespoon of your favorite jam, 1 tablespoon of hot water, and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice in a pan.
Caramel sauce
Heat 25 g of granulated sugar, and 1.5 tablespoons of water in a pan, and once it's brown and bubbly, add 2 tablespoons of hot water.


1. Whisk the cornstarch and sugar in the sauce pan thoroughly, and gradually add the milk, stirring constantly.
2. Heat the pan over medium heat, once the mixture comes to a simmer, lower the heat to low heat, and stir constantly with a wooden spatula for 3 minutes.
3. Pour the mixture into molds moistened with water, and chill in the fridge until it sets (if you want the surface to be nice and smooth, wet the tips of your fingers, and level out the surface with your fingers).
4. Serve with your favorite sauce. Espresso sauce.
5. Fruit sauce
6. Caramel sauce

Story Behind this Recipe

On the back of a cornstarch package, I found a recipe for milk pudding.
It seemed to be an easy recipe, so I added my own twist to it.