Simple Bread Rolls with Homemade Natural Yeast

Simple Bread Rolls with Homemade Natural Yeast

I used this to wean my 7 month old son. This is a simple bread made with natural yeast, without fat or eggs.

Ingredients: 9

Bread (strong) flour
210 g
Bread starter made with natural yeast liquid
80 g
Sugar (or light brown sugar)
13 g
4 g
100 ml (adjust according to the temperature on the day you make it)


1. I used a starter mixture made from 50ml natural yeast liquid (this time I used raisins) and 50g bread flour.
2. Add the water, starter mix, sugar, domestic flour, and salt to the bread maker in order, and start it on the dough making course!
3. Let it sit as-is after the dough course has finished (since it takes time for the homemade natural yeast to ferment).
4. After about 4 hours sitting at a room temperature of 27℃, the first proofing is done. Divide into 9 equal portions, and bench for 10 minutes.
5. Punch down the dough, roll back up, and let rise for the second time. (It took about 2 hours in the oven for me. It will vary according to the room temperature on the day you make it, so please keep an eye on it while misting with water from time to time.)
6. Once it has swelled to about 1.5 times the size, bake in the oven at 180℃ for about 16 minutes, and it is done.

Story Behind this Recipe

How many years has it been since coming up with my own yeast? Over the years, I've tried out various recipes and settled on a simple bread. I uploaded this to commemorate my son's first taste of bread while weaning him off breast feeding. I hope he becomes a kid who likes bread.