Small Ice Cream Manju

Small Ice Cream Manju

This is simple ice cream candy made with condensed milk. I gave it a Japanese flavor by adding anko bean paste. I was trying to replicate "that" anko ice cream!

Ingredients: As much as it is easy for you to make About 2 ice trays' worth)

Condensed milk
50 ml
Heavy cream
100 ml
Milk (See step 1)
50 ~ 100 ml
Anko red bean paste (Or canned adzuki beans)
as desired


1. Adjusting the richness with the amount of milk: This will become just as rich as store-bought ice cream if you use 50 ml of milk! Using 100 ml is a bit refreshing.
2. Mix condensed milk, heavy cream, and milk together.
3. Drop in as much anko bean paste (or adzuki beans) as you like, pour the milk mixture from step 1 into the molds, and let it sit in the freezer.
4. I had leftovers, so I mixed it up into an adzuki liquid. This is also NICE .

Story Behind this Recipe

When replicate "that" version, I added anko, and figured it would make nice ice cream manju. So I made this.