Preparing Scorpion Fish Sashimi

Preparing Scorpion Fish Sashimi

Scorpion fish is mostly used for simmered dish or deep-fried…
But sashimi is the best way to enjoy fresh fish.
It has a beautiful white meat.


Scorpion fish
1 fish
Shiso leaves
Daikon radish (for decoration)
as needed
to taste


1. I caught a scorpion fish this time. The one I used in this recipe was 30 cm, which was slightly bigger than a standard scorpion fish. But I caught an even bigger, 40 cm one as well. Aren't I lucky!?
2. First, remove the scales! I removed the innards and gills on the beach before we came home. Apparently, using sea water to clean the fish makes it stay fresh longer (according to my fishing mentor).
3. My mother asked me to make her hire-zake (hot sake with fish fins)…. So I cut off the fins with kitchen scissors.
4. Just leave them to dry out.
5. Fillet the fish into 3 pieces, placing your knife along the spine of the fish. Please take a look at the Ishidai (striped beakfish) version, or Mejina (rubber fish) version for detailed instructions.
6. First, fillet the fish into 2 pieces.
7. Cut off the fillet still attached to the spine to make the 3rd piece. Place the knife along the stomach bones of the fish, and cut diagonally to remove the bones. Is the skeletal structure of scorpion fish different from the others?? It's incredibly difficult to prepare this fish.
8. So that I can make large fillets, I didn't cut off the smaller bones in the flesh. Instead, I pulled them out with fish bone tweezers. Next, we will peel off the skin.
9. I was able to peel off the skin very nicely. Unlike it's appearance, it has a beautiful white meat, hasn't it?
10. When you slice sashimi, you will end up with some off cuts. Then arrange the off cuts as shown in this photo.
11. Roll them from one end to make a rose shape using chopsticks.
12. Finely julienne the daikon radish for garnish. I used the shiso leaves that I stored using the user gu-gu's secret trick to keep shiso leaves to last longer.
13. Place the fish rose from Step 11 in front of the sashimi.
14. It's delicious with wasabi soy sauce, but vinegar miso is also good!
15. This is sashimi of the 40 cm scorpion fish that was shown in the photo in Step 1. I took it to a restaurant so that they can cut it up for me. Because it was so big and freshly caught, the meat had a rather crunchy texture. The sweet vinegar miso mentioned in Step 14 goes well with this kind of fish meat.

Story Behind this Recipe

I caught scorpion fish this time. I removed the innards and gills on the beach properly, so I decided to make sashimi, instead of simmered dish.