A Summer/Fall Starter: Kyohō Grape Yeast

A Summer/Fall Starter: Kyohō Grape Yeast

I made bread starter or leaven with Kyohō grapes. It has a wonderful wine-like fragrance. And it's good fermentation too.

Ingredients: 1 200ml jar worth

Kyohō grapes (large table grapes)
50 g (about 4 grapes)
Water (filtered)
50 g
Raw cane sugar (or regular sugar)
1 teaspoon


1. Sterilize the jar in boiling water. (Alternately, moisten it and microwave it for 4 minutes at 600w. Sterilize the lid in boiling water or spray with alcohol.) Rinse the grapes. If they are organic, just wipe off any dirt; they will ferment better if you leave then unwashed.
2. Put the lightly crushed grapes and water in the jar with the sugar, close the lid, and shake the jar well to mix. Leave in a 20 to 25°C environment. In the spring and summer leave it at room temperature, and in the summer and winter put it in a polystyrene box with ice packs or bottles willed with hot water to maintain the temperature.
3. Wait until the grapes float to the top and the liquid is foamy as shown here. Make sure to shake the jar and open the lid at least once a day (I put in some raisin starter to give it a boost, so the starter was done in 3 days. It usually takes 5 to 6 days.)
4. Once the grapes are all floating on the surface and the liquid is fizzing, leave it as is for about 24 hours, and the starter is done. (This is how it looks from the top) Strain out the grapes using a sieve that has been sterilized with boiling water, and keep the starter in the refrigerator (about 2 weeks).
5. This is a grape starter made with Niagara grapes. The ingredient amounts are the same as with the Kyoho grape starter. Grape starter works pretty well to raise bread.
6. Use the starter using the 'straight' method (which takes time) or the sponge method (the fragrance is reduced), whichever you prefer to make bread. The photo shows the sponge method; it's doubled in volume. For instructions on how to make a starter sponge, please refer to my raspberry starter recipe (Recipe ID: 400859).
7. If the starter is really active, it will triple in volume!
8. I made this bread using the sponge method, and used 250 g of flour, 12 g of sugar, 4 g of salt, 125 g of sponge and about 125 g of water. 7 hours for the 1st rising, 1 1/2 hours for the 2nd rising. I started baking the bread when the tops of the loaf reached to about 8-90% of the height of the pan. Please refer to the raspberry starter recipe for the baking method.
9. The front and back look so different...I have to practing my bread forming technique.
10. It's a really active starter! The starter sponge did have a slight grape fragrance, but when it was baked into bread it disappeared, and became a delicious and neutrally flavored loaf.
11. For this bread I used a muscat grape starter. It's Ripi-mama's rye bread recipe. The starter is made the same way as the Kyoho grape starter, just with different grapes. I used 50% starter sponge, and Yukichikara as the bread flour.

Story Behind this Recipe

I'm really into making homemade bread starters (leavens)!