Mashed Boiled Egges for Sandwiches in 10 seconds

Mashed Boiled Egges for Sandwiches in 10 seconds

Sandwiches are delicious, aren't they? How do you make mashed boiled eggs for sandwiches?
Perhaps this trick is already known, but for those who don't, give it a try!! You can make this very quickly.
It's not actually recipe, but just for your information!


Boiled egg
as much as you want


1. After making boiled eggs, remove the shells, place in a bowl and mash with a whisk. It's ready to use in sandwiches!
2. Once mashed, I usually season with mayonnaise and condensed milk. Please season as you like!

Story Behind this Recipe

Peeling boiled egg shell is very easy if you use "Anninhime's" tip. I am very happy how it peels so cleanly. So I thought it's good to share this tip. This method comes from my mother (perhaps it's not a big deal?)