Simple Corn on the Cob! Microwave

Simple Corn on the Cob! Microwave

You don't even need a pot or water. The secret is in leaving it in the husk and microwaving!

Ingredients: 1 person

Corn on the cob
a small amount


1. Leave 3~4 leaves of husk on the cob, and peel the rest. Coat with salt.
2. Wrap in plastic wrap while still in the husks, using a 600W microwave, microwave each cob for about 3~5 minute. You will be able to make soft and steamed corn without breaking a sweat.
3. Add butter and soy sauce to taste.
4. These taste great in the summer chilled!

Story Behind this Recipe

Using a pot to boil corn is a pain, and it gets really hot! Also, it is wasteful when you are only boiling one. You can make 1 in 3 minutes with this recipe.