Banana Lumpia - Simple Hawaiian Dining

Banana Lumpia - Simple Hawaiian Dining

This is originally a simple dessert from the Philippines. They kind of resemble daigaku imo sweet potato snacks. Stuff a bunch of them into your bento box!


Cooking bananas
30 g
Spring roll wrappers
6 sheets
Frying oil
as needed


1. Here are the ingredients. The bananas are cooking plantains and can't be eaten raw.
2. Cut the banana into 3 equal pieces. Peel the pieces with your fingers.
3. Cut each of these pieces in half lengthwise.
4. Coat the banana pieces with sugar.
5. Wrap the bananas in spring roll wrappers. I've cut the wrappers in half here.
6. This is how they should look just before frying.
7. This is important! Please fry with oil below medium heat. The spring roll wrappers are extremely easy to burn so please be careful.
8. After 8-10 minutes, the lumpia should have turned a nice golden colour and you can take them out of the oil.
9. And they're done. Serve with ice cream, maple syrup, anything you like.
10. Peeling the bananas is pretty hard, but a nice result at this step of the process will give you beautiful lumpias.

Story Behind this Recipe

History: One day my husband brought these cooking bananas home from the store. He didn't know that they existed and was surprisingly happy to find them. All I could think to use them for was this recipe that I had tasted in Hawaii and on Cebu Island. I remembered it because I watched someone make these for us on the beach.