Let's Break Down a Fish! Striped Beakfish Poêlé

Let's Break Down a Fish! Striped Beakfish Poêlé

Butter-roasted striped beakfish is easy to make, but also looks beautiful. This sauce is the best I call myself a chef, but this is one of my rare (few?) "Western-style" recipes.


Striped beakfish (fillet)
3 pieces
2 medium
Heavy cream
200 ml
White wine
50 ml
10 g
Salt and pepper
to taste
Green leaves for decoration (I used daikon sprouts and parsley)
to taste
Butter for grilling, vegetable oil
to taste
Salt and pepper for pre-seasoning
to taste


1. The ingredients and recipe are very simple! The tricky part might be following the instructions.
2. Put white wine into a pot and boil until it is 1/3 the original amount. Let's keep it on low heat! Start to prepare the tomatoes!
3. Boil, peel the skin, and dice the tomato. If you cut out the entire stem area and then put it into hot water, you don't have to add slits into the tomato. It'll crack and make the skin peel off easier.
4. When the wine in from Step 2 is 1/3 of the original amount, add heavy cream! Season with salt and pepper as you mix. Don't go overboard because you'll be adding butter later.
5. Turn the heat off and add butter. The butter will melt on its own with the remaining heat so let's prepare the potatoes!
6. Peel the potatoes (don't soak the potatoes in water) and julienne with a mandoline. The potatoes will start to discolor, so pick up the pace from here on!
7. Sprinkle and mix 1 tablespoon of flour.
8. Season both sides of the fish with salt and pepper.
9. Put vegetable oil and butter on a frying pan and heat. Set on low-medium heat!
10. Divide the potatoes from Step 7 into thirds and grill. Have it spread out flat and long (since it will be used for wrapping the fish) The potatoes are already changing colors. But don't worry about it! Don't worry about it.
11. Start grilling the fish with the skin side down. You can place the fish on top once you lay the potatoes.
12. Flip it over once it cooks through and grill the other side too. Try not to burn it since the skin side will be facing up when served.
13. Add a little bit of white wine (not listed) and cover it to steam, then cook thoroughly.
14. Done! Since the sauce is white, it might be prettier if you use a colored plate instead of a white plate.
15. Decorate the plate by placing the the fish from Step 14 in the middle and tomatoes from Step 3 around it.
16. Like this.
17. Once you've arranged it, pour the sauce. Don't drizzle it over the fish. Instead, pour the sauce around the fish. It'll look nice if you use paper towels to wipe off the excess sauce.
18. I used the daikon radish greens that I grew as decoration, since they were ready to use. For the overall decoration I used chopped parsley. Chopped green onions will also be good.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is an arrangement made based off a butter-roasted sea bass recipe I found in a book from "Kaiyu" publishing.
Although they used mashed potatoes in the book...
I remembered a dish I've had at a restaurant in Yokosuka a while back that had Ishidai wrapped in julienned potatoes and then grilled. So I gave this a try.