Diagram for Shaping French Bread

Diagram for Shaping French Bread

At a glance, you might not think you can figure out these diagrams.
The point of shaping the dough is to not release too much gas!!! That's all you need to be careful about!
The trick to shaping the bread is to handle the dough gently and use a soft touch!


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1. Lightly stretch out the dough with the palms of your hands. Use a light touch. Make sure not to release too much gas! *You don't have to stretch it out too much either.
2. Fold a little more than 1/3 the dough from the bottom.
3. The dough should be folded from the top towards the bottom, but you also need to seal it at the same time, and shift the seam to the center.
4. lightly press down on the seam with your thumbs...
5. ...and then fold the dough in half.
6. Use the knuckle on your thumb to seal the folded dough.
7. The place the seam downwards, roll the dough back and forth, stretch to the length of the pan, and you are done with the shaping.
8. It's hard to see, but the bread has a bunch of nice air pockets.

Story Behind this Recipe

I searched for a way to make good French bread in a cheap oven.
All I found was a bunch of videos, so I made a diagram and explained the method in my own words.
I hope you can understand it.