Nanban Sauce Simmered Chicken Breast Sauté

Nanban Sauce Simmered Chicken Breast Sauté

Enjoy some relatively cheap chicken breast in a sauce with a slightly spicy kick. Goes well with rice.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Chicken breast
Salt and sake (to season the meat)
a small amount
to taste
◎Chinese soup stock
100 ml
3 tablespoons
◎Soy sauce
2 tablespoons
◎Sake, honey, sugar
1 tablespoon each
1/2 tablespoon
◎Red chili pepper
1 thumbnail's worth


1. Remove excess fat from the chicken breasts and cut into bite-sized pieces. Flavor by massaging in the salt and sake.
2. Add all the ◎ ingredients to a pot (remove the stem and seeds from the red pepper, smash the ginger by pounding it).
3. Coat the chicken from Step 1 in katakuriko, then cook on both sides until browned in a heated pan with a little vegetable oil (not listed). Turn down the heat to low, then cook through.
4. Heat the pot from Step 2 and bring to a simmer. Add the chicken from the previous step and continue simmering on low heat for 5 to 6 minutes. Since the chicken has a flour coating, the sauce will thicken slightly.
5. Transfer to a serving plate and pour the sauce around it. Garnish with onions or roasted sesame, then you're done.

Story Behind this Recipe

✿ I like cooking with chicken breasts. I first thought of making a nanban with thick sauce, and I figured that I'd get the sauce to thicken up somewhat if I sautéd the chicken with flour on it. I tried it and it came out well. This actually helped get rid of the gaminess as well!!
✿ I added honey because I thought that the chicken would harden up if I went overboard with mirin. If you don't have any honey, don't increase the amount of mirin and use sugar as a substitute. You lose a bit of the gloss but overall there's no big difference.