Preparing Foil-Baked Squid

Preparing Foil-Baked Squid

You just have to cut, wrap and cook! It's so simple!
This dish will taste even better if you use fresh squid.


Squid tentacles
2 squids
Squid innards
1 squid
1/2 teaspoon
Soy sauce
1/4 teaspoon


1. Prepare the squid! Remove the innards and set aside.
2. Preparation: Please cut away the tips of the longest tentacles of the squid. Squid use these tentacles as hands so they're thought of as dirty.....
3. Chop between the eye and the legs to separate the head and legs.
4. There should be a beak in the center of the tentacles, if you push it out from the leg-side then it should pop out nicely. The photo shows the beak being pushed out with my index finger.
5. Cut the legs into an appropriate size and length. The legs are arranged in a cylindrical shape so if you cut the legs off 2 at a time from the base they should be around the right size.
6. Place the legs on a sheet of aluminum foil and wring out the innards. Season with some cooking sake and soy sauce (or salt). It's a bit annoying for me to dress the squid at this point so I leave it until after it's cooked. If you would prefer to dress the squid at this point, though, feel free to do so.
7. Cut the foil down to a size where you can just fit in all of the squid parts then wrap snugly! Cook for 5 minutes in a toaster oven.
8. It's finished! Eat it while it's hot! If the flavour is a bit weak then add some soy sauce to your taste.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love eating every bit of fresh squid. This recipe works great as a simple side dish.