Squid Noodles (Ika Somen)

Squid Noodles (Ika Somen)

Fresh squid is best eaten as sashimi!! I made it into summery "ika somen" or squid into noodles. It looks cool and refreshing.


Surume squid (the body only)
to taste
Mentsuyu (noodle sauce concentrate)
to taste


1. Here's my squid!
2. The suckers on fresh squid will stick to you. This isn't a trick!
3. Insert a finger (the index finger should work best) where the eyes are, and separate the part that's stuck together. Separate the body and guts as far as you can reach.
4. When the guts have been loosened as much as possible, insert two fingers this time and separate the stuck-on parts that are back.
5. Holding down the triangular parts (the fins), pull out the cartilage; it looks like a transparent bone.
6. If you have loosened things up properly in Steps 3 and 4, when you pull the legs and body in opposite directions the insides should come right out.
7. Pull the fins to peel off the skin. Pull it off in one go! Insert a finger between the skin and body wherever it's stuck, and the skin should come off easily.
8. Pull the skin from the top of the fins towards the legs, and it should come off cleanly. The fresher the squid, the easier the skin comes off!
9. Take the skin off. Don't worry if the body rips a bit.
10. Cut the body open. You can start from a place that got ripped when you took the skin off, or anywhere you like. Just open it up. Take out any remaining guts with your hands, and scrape off any residue with a knife.
11. Cut off the bottom of the body.
12. Make small "hidden" cuts on the inside of the cleaned body! Make shallow cuts that go about half way through the body. Use the tip of your knife!
13. It should look like this.
14. To turn the squid into somen noodles, slice it very thinly using the tip of your knife. Cut in one smooth stroke from back to front.
15. Arrange the cut noodles on a plate using metal chopsticks to make it nice.
16. Arrange on a plate.
17. Divide the remaining legs and guts. Use in another dish.
18. Take out the ink sac. Peel it off carefully so you don't break it.
19. Wrap the guts and legs in foil and cook them, or use them in shio kara (salt-preserved squid). Use the squid ink for risotto or pasta.
20. I salted down the guts and left it overnight to use in shio kara.

Story Behind this Recipe

I got some fresh squid.