Cubed Watermelon Parfait ♪

Cubed Watermelon Parfait ♪

This is a refreshing ice cream using the juices and meat of watermelon.

Ingredients: 2 to 3 servings

*Watermelon (meat)
about 1 cup worth
*Egg yolk
2 tablespoons
*Lemon juice
1 tablespoon
Heavy cream
50 ml
Chocolate chips
to taste
Mint leaves (to decorate)
as desired
Watermelon (meat to decorate)
as desired


1. Take the *watermelon, remove the seeds, and cut into thin slices. Make a cup's worth. Beat the egg yolk and set aside. Add all the * ingredients to a blender into puree.
2. Add heavy cream to a bowl and whip until stiff peaks form.
3. Combine Steps 1 and 2. Add half of the chocolate chips but leave the other half as-is. Prepare two square trays by covering with plastic wrap, pour in the mixture and harden in the freezer.
4. Once it has hardened, cut into bite-sized cubes. Cut up watermelon pieces and decorate with lemon and mint (if available) and it's complete ♪

Story Behind this Recipe

I thought of this recipe for a watermelon contest.