Handy Garlic Oil

Handy Garlic Oil

Without any need to chop or deep-fry, this is very easy.


Olive oil


1. Peel the garlic skin off and cut the root ends off. Wrap tightly in aluminium foil.
2. Bake in an oven set to 445F/230C. This photo shows the color after baking for 20 minutes.
3. This photo was taken after baking for 30 minutes. You can enjoy them as is sprinkled with salt.
4. Put the baked garlic in a bottle, pour in the oil, and it's done.
5. Use the garlic in the oil itself, for curry or dressing.
6. You could also substitute sesame oil for the olive oil.

Story Behind this Recipe

Garlic oil is very useful and I make it whenever garlic is in season.
Since it's a bit of bother, I make it with oven-cooked garlic.
This recipe produces a non-bitter and simple garlic oil.