Macrobiotic Oil-free, Sweet Steam-fried Carrots

Macrobiotic Oil-free, Sweet Steam-fried Carrots

For crisp, tender and sweet carrots, simply steam-fry them like you're roasting them.

Ingredients: A manageable amount

Sesame seeds
to taste
1 to 2 pinches


1. Wash the carrot thoroughly, and julienne the unpeeled carrot. On top of a cutting board arrange the carrots in one layer, making sure they don't overlap. Sprinkle salt over the carrots evenly and set them aside for 10 minutes.
2. When moisture has risen to the surface of the carrots, place them in a frying pan without any oil, and stir-fry as if you are roasting them. When they start to give off a sweet fragrance like caramel, add about 1 tablespoon of water, and cover with a lid to steam-fry.
3. When all the moisture has evaporated, turn off the heat, garnish with sesame seeds and the carrots are done.

Story Behind this Recipe

I remember seeing a recipe similar to this one in a macrobiotic recipe book.