Hand-Rolled California Rolls

Hand-Rolled California Rolls

You can also roll these up from the bottom and eat them as regular California rolls, too. The photo shows hand-rolled cone shaped sushi.


Imitation crab sticks
120 g
Canned crabmeat
6 oz (1 can)
to taste
Sushi rice, Nori
as needed
Tiny fish roe (Tobiko)
1 pack
Spicy Sauce
to taste (check out Recipe ID: 379630)


1. I used the type of imitation crab sticks as shown on the left in the photo. Use a food processor to chop it up as seen on the right.
2. Drain the water from the canned crab and combine it with the chopped crab sticks and mayonnaise. Make sure the crab meat won't squeeze out when rolling the sushi.
3. Squeeze lemon on the avocado and wrap it up with the fish roe and spicy sauce, and enjoy.

Story Behind this Recipe

My husband loves sushi and eats quite a lot of it. But he doesn't really like imitation crab. I heard about this method from a sushi chef at Japanese restaurant here, and now my husband can eat California rolls. This recipe is easy on the wallet.