Rich & Simple Cheese Cookies

Rich & Simple Cheese Cookies

These rich cheese-flavored cookies are really crumbly and crunchy. My son loves cheese, so he's really hooked on these cookies These cookies are with simple ingredients! It's so easy.

Ingredients: Makes enough for 1 small baking sheet

Pizza cheese
40 g
40 g
Cake flour
100 g
25 g


1. Put the butter in a heat-proof container, and microwave! Add the cheese while it's hot, and mix together briskly with a whisk. (Please refer to Step 5.)
2. Add the sugar, and mix everything until smooth and creamy. (It's easier if you mix as if tapping the dough with the tip of your whisk.)
3. Add all the cake flour in one go. Using a rubber spatula, mix in cutting motions. When the dough comes together, form a stick and wrap it up in plastic wrap. Let it rest in the freezer for a minimum of 30 minutes. (Please refer to Step 6.)
4. Slice it up into 5 mm slices, and bake for 13 minutes at 170℃. Keep your eyes on them, and make sure they don't burn.
5. 1: If the cheese doesn't melt even with the heat of the butter, try microwaving it again. It burns really quickly, so start with 10 seconds. Mix like you're grinding the butter into the cheese!
6. 2: If the dough is too warm to form into a stick, do the best you can first and wrap it in plastic wrap to chill in the fridge. After it's slightly chilled, shape it again before putting it into the freezer!

Story Behind this Recipe

I was craving cheese-flavored cookies made with simple ingredients. This recipe also uses a reduced amount of butter.