Potato and Mayonnaise Bread Rolls

Potato and Mayonnaise Bread Rolls

I baked these with mayonnaise instead or margarine. The juicy flavor will come out when you bite into them. They are really springy to the (powdered) mashed potatoes. The rolls are slightly sweet as they are, and are crispy on the surface when toasted, to the cheese! They are fragrant.

Ingredients: 18 x 18 x 9 cm newspaper square mold (refer to the "Story Behind this Recipe" section.

The parentheses shows baker's percentages
Bread flour
250 g (100%)
Mashed potatoes (powdered)
40 g (16%)
White sugar
25 g (10%)
Instant dry yeast
4 g (1.6%)
4 g (1.6%)
Low Fat Milk
230 g (92%)
Powdered cheese (Parmesan, or dried type)
40 g (16%)
40 g (16%)


1. Lightly mix the flour and powdered mashed potatoes together. Place the yeast on top of the sugar, and place the salt (next to the cheese) separately. Warm the milk up to skin temperature in the microwave for about 60 seconds at 35-38℃. Let cool in the summer.
2. Pour in the milk, aiming it at the yeast, and mix it up so as to dissolve the yeast. Mix in the salt and cheese last. Refer to the recipe Simple sliced bread, Recipe ID: 301262 for how to knead.
3. Ferment for the first time for 30~40 minutes→ Divide into 16 equal portions and let sit for 15 minutes→ Shape them→ Ferment for the second time for about 30~40 minutes (using your oven's fermenting function). It is fine once it reaches 2~2.5 times the size. Please let the divided dough rest without rolling it up.
4. Bake it the oven at 180℃ for 25~30 minutes, and it is done. Cover it with aluminum foil halfway through to keep it from burning. I made this with a newspaper mold, so please reduce the baking time when using a regular pan etc.
5. This becomes really springy when you add in mashed potatoes. It's amusing that this turns into a completely different bread when eaten as-is and when toasted.This would probably be delicious with crispy bacon and black pepper.
6. The dough will be hard when you start kneading it, but the mashed potatoes will absorb the water, and it will turn the perfect firmness when you add in the mayonnaise.

Story Behind this Recipe

If I am to melt cheese in potatoes, I have to use mayonnaise right? So I tried using mayonnaise. It turned out unexpectedly sweet and springy. I was able to feel the softness of the dough after adding in the mashed potatoes.