Easy Homemade Yogurt Bread Starter That Anyone Can Make

Easy Homemade Yogurt Bread Starter That Anyone Can Make

This is a simple leaven or bread starter that anyone can make in a day or two. Definitely give this a shot! It's fun, like an science experiment! The bread you bake with this is the best!


Plain yogurt
150 g
150 ml
2 tablespoons
A jar with a lid
Starter liquid, if you have some
2 teaspoons


1. Put all the ingredients in a jar that has been sterlized in boiling water, close the lid, and just leave it alone. Don't mix with a spoon as this will introduce unwanted microorganisms. Just shake lightly.
2. On the second day it'll start to bubble. If you leave it in a warm place it will ferment faster. After a day or two once it has become very bubbly it's complete. ※ Open the lid once a day and shake the jar around.
3. If it foams up vigorously it's complete! When you open the lid you should hear the sound of air escaping with a whoosing sound
4. Once your starter is complete, store it in the refrigerator.
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Story Behind this Recipe

When I was making a raisin bread starter, I learned that I could make starter using all kinds of ingredients.