How To Make Homemade Natural Leaven, Bread Starter

How To Make Homemade Natural Leaven, Bread Starter

You can make homemade leaven (bread starter) so easily! It's so exciting. Try using different kinds of natural leaven and enjoy their fragrance and taste!


Raisins (uncoated)
150 g
Boiled water which has been cooled
400 ml
A glass jar


1. Use boiled water that has cooled down and raisins that aren't coated with oil. Use a glass jar that can be sealed airtight, and sterilize it by pouring boiling water over it.
2. Just put all the ingredients in the sterlized jar. Don't mix with a spoon or other utensil, or unwanted micro-organisms will be introduced. Leave it in a warm place in the winter.
3. The next day, the raisins will be water logged and floating on the top. You can see some bubbles too. If the raisins are floating above the water, add some more boiled then cooled water to cover them. Open the lid and shake the jar once a day. The raisins may not float to the top depending on the temperature.
4. In 3 to 7 days, there will be some foam. If it's very foamy, it's done! When you open the lid you'll hear a rush of air escaping, and it will smell alcoholic.
5. Listen carefully, and you'll hear the whooshing and snapping sound of the bubbles.
6. Strain the liquid out using a strainer. Squeeze every bit of liquid out of the raisins.
7. Transfer the liquid to a sterlized jar, and store in the refrigerator to finish! I always add half the amount of liquid in boiled water that has been cooled, plus a spoonful of sugar, and leave it out for 1-2 days before storing in the refrigerator. This is to increase the volume.
8. Open the jar about once a month to introduce some air, add some sugar (to feed the starter) and you can keep it healthy and alive. When you use the starter, add back the same amount of water used plus 1 teaspoon of sugar or honey, and store. You can keep the starter going for years like this.
9. I have a bread recipe too See Recipe ID: 387724.

Story Behind this Recipe

Several years ago, I wanted to make pizza and was searching on the internet, when I learned about natural leaven. Ever since then I've been captivated by natural leaven (natural yeast or sourdough) bread.