Just Tofu Homemade Aburaage

Just Tofu Homemade Aburaage

In an endless quest to make bite-sized inari sushi...

Ingredients: As much as you'd like

Firm tofu
as much as you'd like


1. Slice the tofu into 1.5 cm-thick slices.
2. Wrap the tofu in a paper towel and put a 500 g weight on top. Let sit for 2 hours. Change the paper towel frequently.
3. Take the weight off, and let sit for minimum 1 hour without taking the tofu out of the paper towel. I left them in the fridge overnight. Don't forget to change the towel once in a while.
4. To test, fry one slice for 5 minutes in low temperature (about 130℃). If the tofu has been drained well, it should ideally spread about 1.5 times its original size. If it doesn't, then the draining wasn't enough. If this is the case, use the tofu for some other dish.
5. Drain any excess oil, and fry again in medium temperature (about 160℃). Now they're looking like aburaage!
6. The fried aburaage are quite firm immediately after they've been fried a second time. Wrap them up in plastic wrap, and microwave until the inside of the microwave turns white with steam.
7. Done! I seasoned them before simmering. Please wait a bit more for the photo of inari sushi!!
8. Voila! Now I can make inari sushi in any size I want!

Story Behind this Recipe

I really, really wanted to make the "takoyaki-sized inari sushi" that I saw at a department store.
If you don't do it right, they turn out like a tough sponge. I've been down that road before. For best results, use pure and firm tofu.