Sudachi Noodles - Use Udon, Somen or Hiyamugi Noodles

Sudachi Noodles - Use Udon, Somen or Hiyamugi Noodles

A cooling noodle dish with a dashi-rich soup! It's so smooth!

Ingredients: 1 serving

Somen noodles
1 bundle
Sudachi citrus fruit
Daikon radish
To taste
1 serving


1. Assemble the ingredients.
2. Prepare the noodle soup using the concentrate of your choice and using a little less water than is called for in the instructions. Put the soup in the serving bowl and chill in the refrigerator.
3. Cook the noodles following package instructions.
4. Slice the sudachi very thinly, and grate the daikon radish.
5. When the noodles are cooked, wash them well in cold running water. (They'll firm up in the chilled soup so there's no need to put them in ice water.)
6. Put the washed noodles in the well chilled soup and top with the with the sudachi slices and grated daikon radish.
7. 1 whole sudachi per serving makes it look very extravagant.
8. Here I used a green yuzu instead of the sudachi.
9. Here I used a lemon instead for a very colorful variation.

Story Behind this Recipe

This recipe was featured on TV! Sarashina soba noodles were used in then.